FROG BLOG: “An Unnatural Quiet”

“Our resurveys this summer showed that even that modest hope was too optimistic. Most water bodies were now entirely frogless. A few contained only a single adult frog. We found some tadpoles, but too few to give us much hope that the population would still be there the next time we did our resurveys.

“Sitting on a lakeside boulder eating my lunch in the summer sun, I couldn’t help notice how quiet the basin had become. No more frothing masses of tadpoles. No frogs jumping into the water by the 10s and 100s in front of me as I walked along the shoreline. Bear sign, once so common, was far less in evidence, although I did see one set of bear tracks that went into the lake where a few tadpoles still basked in the warm shallows, but the paucity of animals would hardly have made a snack much less a meal. No Clark’s Nutcrackers eating tadpoles. The mayflies, caddisflies, and beetles were still there, but the once-dominant frogs and the web of life they once supported were gone.”

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