Nest-Making Frogs Found in India

A scientist in India says he has found three rare species of frogs that make nests in which to lay their eggs.

Dr SD Biju of Delhi University says the frogs make nests after laying eggs to protect them from heat and predators.


The discovery was made in the rainforests of the Western Ghats mountain range in the southern Indian states of Kerala and Karnataka.

It comes after 20 years of intensive research carried out in Wayanad in Kerala and Coorg in Karnataka.

‘Extremely rare’

The tiny frogs, which measure up to 12cm (about five inches) in length, roll leaves from top to bottom to make a cocoon and produce a sticky substance to close the ends to secure the eggs.

“These are extremely rare frogs, the only ones of their kind found in Asia,” Dr Biju told the BBC.

Full story: BBC

Kirtland Peterson

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