Frog Wanted Light Snack: Swallowed Christmas Bulb

James, who lives in Palm Beach, Florida, had decorated his back yard with colourful lights after noticing that frogs had worked out lights attracted bugs.


But one night he discovered that one of the little beasts had bitten off far more than it could chew. James, 29, said: ‘A bug landed on the bulb and when the frog went for it he got a little bit extra.

‘I zoomed in and noticed that the wire was actually going into the frogs mouth, he had swallowed the entire light, he wasn’t sitting on it at all’

‘I have a large mango tree by my patio and my wife and I have Christmas lights wrapped around the trunk and main limbs to light it up from underneath.

Because the wire was still attached to the light, Snyder was able to pull it gently from the frog’s mouth.

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Kirtland Peterson

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