Let’s Take Care of Our New Frog

Titles in the Let’s Take Care of … color-illustrated series introduce younger boys and girls to the fun and responsibility of pet ownership. Each book tells the story of a boy and girl who get a pet and learn how to care for it.


These charming books emphasize that acquiring a pet is an exciting adventure for children, and it often makes little difference whether the new pet is as tiny as a frog or as large as a hound.

Kids who read these books will share the excitement of the stories’ children as an introduction to getting a pet of their own. A Guidelines section supplements each story with advice and information on pet care that is geared to children’s capabilities. Parents and kids will want to read that section together.

Andrea, Albert, and their family have adopted two delightful new pets: a pair of frogs that they name Esmeralda and Prince. They discover that their frogs like to eat little insects—and are especially fond of crickets!

As the children grow accustomed to keeping their pet frogs, they learn that adopting new pets is both a fun experience and a responsibility. In addition to this book’s delightful story, readers will find suggestions for activities with their own pet frogs, and advice from a veterinarian on keeping frogs healthy and active.

Let’s Take Care of Our New Frog

Kirtland Peterson

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