VIDEO: Lake District Visit! (Frog Blog Manchester)

[ Can’t help but note: I got appendicitis in the Lake District at age 11. And as the NHS took fabulous care of me, I have never understood why Americans are so fearful of “socialized medicine.” ]

From Frog Blog Manchester:

I used to love going there every summer and could hardly wait to get out of the little green Morris Minor  to startsearching for lizards, snakes, toads and frogs...


Over the Easter Bank Holiday I went mountain biking in the Lake District. The weather was superb and it was just sooo good to be in one of my favourite places. I spent quite some time around Grizedale Forest and Dale Park in particular…

Full story at Frog Blog Manchester

VIDEO accesible at Frog Blog Manchester or at YouTube (click on image above).

Kirtland Peterson

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