Rescuing the Mountain Chicken (Durrell WCTrust Blog)

Mid morning we received the good news (along with emailed photos) that ZSL have received all 12 frogs safely and they are having a refreshing shower before receiving their first antifungal treatment in London. Everybody in Montserrat was very pleased to hear the news and to know that their hard work and commitment has paid off.

Photo: Durrell WCTrust blog

Photo: Durrell WCTrust blog

The frogs destined for Jersey had a longer journey than those staying in London and every minute longer that the animals have to spend in transit is a concern. However the frogs arrived in good shape. As with London as soon as the animals were unpacked they received an immediate bath and the fungical treatment and were then left to explore their new facilities. Now we hope that the frogs recover well from their long journey, settle down and start feeding.

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Kirtland Peterson

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