New amphibian species found in Colombia ‘is sign of hope’

A spiky-skinned orange rain frog and three poisonous frogs are among 10 new species of amphibian discovered in Colombia, scientists say. The discoveries also include three types of “glass frog”, so-called because internal organs can show through their transparent skin, a harlequin frog, another species of rain frog, and a salamander.


The finds were made during a three-week expedition to Colombia’s mountainous Tacarcuna area of the Darien, close to the border with Panama, led by scientists from Conservation International and the Ecotrópica Foundation. The survey, under Conservation International’s rapid assessment programme, found around 60 species of amphibian, 20 reptiles and almost 120 species of bird – many of which are thought to be found nowhere else.

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Kirtland Peterson


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