Dozen New Tree Frogs Discovered

ScienceDaily (Feb. 3, 2009) — A dozen frogs new to science were discovered in the forests of Western Ghats (Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka. Goa, Maharashtra, and part of Gujarat). Amphibian researchers S D Biju of Delhi University, Systematics Lab and Franky Bossuyt of the Amphibian Evolution Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel have published their discoveries in the latest issue of Zoological Journal of Linnean Society, London.


The paper in Zoological Journal of Linnean Society, London describes the discovery of 12 new species including the revision of the genus Philautus. These findings are the result of 10 years of extensive field study in the Western Ghats throughout its 1600 km range. Field studies were complemented by DNA research. This publication is unique because it is the first publication that describes a large number of vertebrate novelties in independent India.

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Kirtland Peterson


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