Herp of the Day: Leptopelis

From Nick Sly at the the Biological Ramblings blog

Some time ago my friend Amy acquired a neat treefrog from the Hamburg reptile show. I am sure that it is in the genus Leptopelis and I’m pretty sure it is Leptopelis vermiculatus, a species and genus commonly known as Big-eyed Treefrogs.


This species is an import from Tanzania. It did well with Amy for a while until it spontaneously died, a common event with wild-caught herps. This is the brown morph of the species, it also occurs in a brilliant green and black morph seen below. This treefrog is not in the family Hylidae like our North American treefrogs, but is in the African reed frog family, Hyperoliidae, which contains many small brightly colored species such as this.

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Kirtland Peterson

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