Breaking the Fall of Frogs

National Zoo scientists help to create a safety net for frogs, which are declining around the world at alarming rates.

Frogs, salamanders, and other amphibians are in free-fall. At least 122 species of amphibians have gone extinct since 1980, and about a third of all known species—1,856 of 5,743—are considered threatened with extinction.


Calling this “one of the worst extinction crises of our time,” a group of scientists, including the National Zoo’s Scott Miller and Budhan Pukazhenthi, and the Museum of Natural History’s W. Ronald Heyer, participated last fall in an Amphibian Conservation Summit convened by Conservation International to devise a global action plan that will offer a safety net for declining amphibians.

The alarming state of amphibians is all the more worrisome because scientists believe that these animals are the “canaries in the global coalmine,” or, more technically, sentinel species.

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Kirtland Peterson

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